About & Contact

I hold my MFA from William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ and my BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York City. From my earliest moments it was light and color that have held my fascination and continue to do so. My first visual memory is a rainbow prism reflected on a hallway wall, I had to be less than two years old.

For many years I worked as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator; always painting and drawing personal work on the side. Around 2001, I just had to let it out and went back to graduate school where I integrated digital and traditional painting, doing a lot of experimenting with what was considered “new technology”. I use a lot of this experimentation and risk taking in my approach to teaching on the higher education level, encouraging students to find their own story and voice. The results can be amazing.

I am consistently interested in memory and reactualization of the moment as a way to hold onto a memory before it slips away like a dream. Places shape us, often defining who we have become whether it is where we grew up, that new city we’re trying, or simply the places we see out of the corner of our eye. These images trigger associations, for me the landscape connects place and time creating “memory moments”. Landscape is an opportunity to revisit spaces and places now gone, a viscerally connective way to hold onto a memory.



Please contact me at: blinkbf@yahoo.com