Being inside the woods has always been a source of comfort to me, a place where I could hear my own thoughts, my own heartbeat. With so many things changing around us it is a nice place to be. The only sound is the wind, a crunch of brush, maybe a bird. Time stops, even if just for a bit.

My paintings are a way to recapture that moment, that feeling of being there. Most of the art I have created over the last few years involves memory and reactualizations of that. The landscape provides a connection and a feeling for me that roots me to the specifics of that time and that place. I am not striving for exactitude of a location but of locating  and experiencing the feeling of that moment, and having it again. So much of our days just drifts away from us, here I can hold it just a little longer. Frequently in my investigations I sit between the abstract and the real, just like a memory.

To experience that slender space between reality and memory, that odd moment between knowing and not knowing is like a journey to our selves. I want my art to take you to that place.